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Both recipients have approved visas, got on a plane before executive order was signed, arrived and were then detained, says Lara Finkbeiner, deputy legal director for the International Refugee Assistance Project, which represents two of the twelve detainees. We have no idea how theyre doing. As of early afternoon on a Saturday, one of the detainees, Iraqi citizen Hameed Khalid Darweesh, 53, was released. Darweesh worked as an interpreter for the U.S. military in Iraq, which caused local militia to threaten his life. Julie Kornfeld, a lawyer working to secure the release of the other known detainee Haider Sameer Abdukhaleg Alshawi, 33, said that he arrived Friday around 8:30 p.m. from Sweden. Kornfeld says his wife had been very emotional, and had not slept since her husband was detained. Alshawis family members had worked for a U.S. security contractor in Iraq. No details are yet known about the other detainees.

And what, exactly, are those rigors? Well, mainly it seems to be excessive sweating. Both the Icon Performance Gaming Hoodie and Icon Performance Gaming Shorts (which you can purchase at for $65.99 and $35.99 respectively) feature แฟชั่นเกาหลี 2016 DRYV technology, a blend of high-performance, moisture-wicking fabric with an absorbent outer layer, which allows for "gamers to easily dry hands and stay cool while improving accuracy and control." And okay, fair enough. High-level gaming, like what the pros do, requires a level of concentration that probably does produce a lot of sweat. But some of the other features-like motion-pleated elbows, ultralight performance material, and reinforced zippers-seem like overkill. After all, how many zippers do gamers go through during a seven-hour Call of Duty jag? That said, the oversized hood on the gaming hoodie-which accommodates headphones and allows for 180-degree peripheral vision-makes sense. It'd be handy both during a heated gaming competition and afterward, when IRL human contact causes clinical levels of paralyzing anxiety (at which point the moisture-wicking fabric once again comes in handy). But the important thing here is that someone has finally had the vision to create proper clothes for sitting.

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