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Yassar Yaqub Yassar Yaqub, 28, from Huddersfield, was shot in a car stopped near junction 24 of the M62 as part of a planned operation on Monday. An inquest into his death is also due to open at Bradford Coroner's Court. Meanwhile, Mohsin Amin, 30, from Dewsbury, who was arrested as part of the operation, will appear in court later charged with firearms offences. A post-mortem examination found Mr Yaqub died from gunshot wounds to his chest. His funeral is due to take place at a mosque in Huddersfield. His father, Mohammed Yaqub, told BBC Radio Leeds: "He will be missed by us very deeply. He will still live on in our hearts day-to-day." Image copyright PA Image caption Yassar Yaqub was in the front seat of a white Audi stopped by police The Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is investigating the operation which led to Yassar Yaqub's death, said none of the officers involved were using body-worn video cameras and no relevant CCTV footage of the incident has been found. A non-police issue firearm was found in the Audi in which Mr Yaqub was travelling, the IPCC revealed on Tuesday. The white Audi was one of two cars stopped by police on the slip road. The other vehicle was a white Volkswagen Scirocco.

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