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In one video, she showed viewers 20 different ways to tie a scarf. More from Carlos Slim Is $16 Billion Poorer But a Whole Lot More Popular Think of it like a haircut, she said. People get bored of their hairstyles, so we get bored of our hijab styles. Torkiaknown as Dina Tokio to her 1.1 million Instagram fans and more than half-million YouTube subscribersblogs about finding clothes that reflect her faith-based values of dressing modestly. She has released her own lines and worked with a number of brands, including London high-end department stores Liberty and Harvey Nichols , as well as French luxury house Lancome . YouTube: 20 SIMPLE HIJAB STYLES! - TUTORIAL Dina Torkia demonstrates how to style a hijab in 20 different ways. The market has been obvious for years. In 2015, Muslim women are estimated to have spent $44 billion on modest fashion alone, according to a Thomson Reuters report . Muslims make up 23 percent of the world's population, and the Pew Research Center expects ชุดเด็ก the figure to grow to 29.7 percent by 2050. More from Welfare Icon Now Wants People to Take Care of Themselves Religious womennot just Muslims, but Jews and Christians as wellhave long struggled to find clothesthat are both modest and trendy.Rabia Zargarpur, one of the pioneer designers in the modest-fashion world, said that when she started wearing a headscarf around 2001,shedrew styling inspiration fromErykah Badu, who isn't Muslim.

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