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'States Of Undress' Shows That Fashion Has The Power To Change The World

In an interview with NPR, Carrie Lightfoot, CEO of The Well-Armed Woman , expressed the physical need for feminine gun accessories. Lightfoot said, "For example, a 32A bust could not conceal a Glock 19 very well — nor would a 42DD or a larger tummy allow for effective cross-draw carry." Products designed for men do not do the trick here. And that's not the only gendered difference among concealed carry gun owners. According to Marie Claire’s "Women and Guns" piece, "77% of gun-toting women said protection against strangers was a main reason they have a handgun." When Gates sits down with her interview subjects in the States Of Undress premiere, she finds this to be true, but to be split among race and socioeconomic status. For most of the white women she speaks with, self-defense is a major factor in owning a gun, but ownership is also a social activity. However, when Gates asks African-American women in East Cleveland กระเป๋า ZARA รุ่นใหม่ ไซส์ใหญ่ about their weapons, they claim that self-defense is a factor, but so are fears of police brutality, an increase in hate crimes, and potential neighborhood threats of drugs and gangs. The stark contrast between the two groups begins to dissipate when they come together to design accessories, model them, or just attend the fashion show. The second episode of this new season highlights the disparities between race, gender, and class in Liberia. Designer Archel Bernard is featured in the episode, and prides herself on buying material from Liberian female street vendors and employing Liberian woman, who've been displaced from war and Ebola, to make her clothes. According to a New York Times article on Bernard and her fashion line, the 2014 Liberian Ebola outbreak had a disastrous effect on most businesses.

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