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Off to college, there was that happy time between semesters and I think that calendar connection still persists. In Pacific Grove, Easter week seemed the perfect time to schedule church camp, and away we went, all the way through high school. Moral standards remained intact in the redwoods of Mount Hermon and Monte Toyon, but with our hearts open with emotional fervor, there might have been an innocent kiss or two behind the ferns. In those exciting times between high school and college, then, and even now, the Monterey Peninsula bloomed and blossomed with kids bent on constructing memories. Worth a trip to our beaches to check out the action, and even beyond sundown. This seems to be a relatively well-behaved crowd this year, but then most of us are sound asleep when what we might call indiscretions possibly occur. Next week we will read, see and hear of wild debaucheries in places like Cancun, Key West and even Chico! If your sophomore daughter, home from Cal for spring break suggests a visit with a friend to Lake Havasu interesting Indian artifacts you might want to check the website. It could be a real learning experience. On the other hand, theres always Santa Cruz. From the University of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque, it was a couple of miles to a brief little beach on the Rio Grande.

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