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Snapchat ad prices go from ungodly to cheap

It has beefed up direct-response ads with a way to target ads to consumers most likely interested in certain brands based on online habits outside Snapchat. It's rolling out a new type of Shoppable Snap Ad, which can display multiple products and take people directly to a checkout page. And Snapchat is putting finishing touches on new ways for brand advertisers to schedule ad buys with "reach and frequency" parameters, which means they can plan ahead with guaranteed prices and audience sizes. Even sponsored Lenses are about to be offered through the self-serve ad platform for the first time, also with the "reach and frequency" option. Anheuser-Busch has already tested using self-serve to buy Lenses, and what happened? Prices dropped almost 50 percent, according to Snapchat. "The people willing to put the work in to learn the platform, they're in a good situation right now," Sellis says. HiSmile, a marketer of teeth-whitening products, has started to use Snapchat as one of its main sales channels, alongside Facebook. The company puts about 40 percent of its marketing budget toward Snapchat, and is on pace to spend $10 million there this year. "Snapchat, being such a newcomer to the advertising game, there's a lot less competition," says Justin Gaggino, head of marketing at HiSmile. "Getting web traffic and sales is much cheaper." Snapchat costs HiSmile about half as much per thousand impressions as Facebook does, according to Gaggino.

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