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Gabriella Weiser Steve Madden ‘Wow, I have a voice,’ I said to myself, ‘Now what am I going to do with it?’ And I just took it from there and ran with it.” Anything you would have done differently? “Throughout my career, I never took the time to acknowledge my accomplishments. Instead, I was always focused on what I could have done better. Looking back, I wish I could have given myself a break or a pat on the back rather than always being so hard on myself.” Do you think women do enough to support other women in the workplace? “Women are the ultimate multi-taskers. They [often] have so many different roles to manage — mother, daughter, wife, employee, boss.  It’s a lot to handle for any one person.  Together, we need to be more supportive and compassionate in understanding the daily challenges we all face within [our] workplaces as well as our personal lives.”  What is the biggest challenge you faced in the last year and how did you overcome it? “As my son gets older and school requires more of my involvement, I am trying to find the balance of being a mother and managing a big business. It’s been very challenging and stressful to figure out how to be present for everyone who needs my attention.

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Not getting into a show quickly enough, an accidental bump when finding a seat, or God forbid a badly placed seat, and the whole day could very well be thrown into chaos. I will wonder to myself at least one time as I watch a show, “How could there possibly be this much fabric in the world?” A model wears a Rick Owens creation during the Men’s Fall/Winter 2017-2018 fashion show in Paris, January 19, 2017. The Chanel set will KILL! Chanel is one of the last shows of the month, and they show at the Grand Palais in Paris, which is already amazing. In years past they have transformed the Grand Palais into an airport terminal, a grocery store (Chanel pasta anyone?), and even a giant iceberg. Who knows what wonders Mr. Lagerfeld will dream up this season, but be sure to take a look. Models walk the runway at at the Grand Palais in Paris, during Chanel’s Fall 2014 and 2013 shows. By Giovanni Giannoni/Penske Med/Rex/Shutterstock. Versace will be front and center. With Ricardo Tisci having left Givenchy, it seems that he will almost certainly end up at the legendary house of Versace, and all eyes will be on the front row to see who will be attending and if it’s reflected in the collection.

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