One fashion writer is sharing more about what happened to Tiffany Trump at New York Fashion Week after several writers tweeted that no one wanted to sit with President Donald Trump 's daughter. Former Wall Street Journal style columnist Christina Binkley tweeted Monday, "Nobody wants to sit next to Tiffany Trump at Philipp Plein, so they moved and the seats by her are empty." She then shared a photo, which she captioned, "Empty seats next to Tiffany Trump." But by Thursday, Binkley took to Twitter to clarify what occurred, downplaying her original reporting. "The two seats remained empty for about 2 minutes before others sat there," she wrote. "Then Philipp Plein's sister made them move so she could sit there." "Its easy to assume from a photograph that she sat there, humiliated, with empty seats by her, which wasnt the case," Binkley told People magazine . "She was surrounded by photographers," Binkley said, referring to Trump, "and the two women who moved were leaning away -- they clearly didnt want to be in those photographs. "But I dont think Tiffany really noticed that, because she was active with her friends and the photographers." " The View " co-host Whoopi Goldberg responded to the Monday incident two days later on her daytime talk show, offering to sit with Trump. Calling the incident "mean," Goldberg, 61, said, "Girl, I will sit next to you because I've been there where people say, 'Ooh, we're not going to sit next to you. I'll find your a-- and sit next to you." Trump, the only child from the president's six-year marriage to actress Marla Maples, responded to the comedienne Wednesday night. She tweeted, "Thank you @WhoopiGoldberg I'd love to sit with you too!" ABC News reached out to Binkley, but did not receive a response. Outbrain

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Cincinnati Zoo tweeted a picture of Fiona the hippo being bottle fed The normal range is 25-54 kg and at almost a month old she does not yet weight 25 kg. Zoo staff, who have been blogging about the little hippo's progress , said last week that she was teething. The discomfort may have made her bottle feeding uncomfortable, they said. London Zoo counts every animal When she grew sick and lethargic, the local Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center stepped in to help rehydrate her. "Preemies have very tiny and unstable veins, and even though our vet team was able to get multiple IVs placed, the veins could not sustain the IV and would blow," said the zoo's curator of mammals Christina Gorsuch. "Lucky for us, we're right next door to a world-class facility with a whole department dedicated to working with difficult veins." Image copyright Cincinnati Zoo via AP Image caption Staff from Cincinnati Children's Hospital joined zoo carers to help revive Fiona Two members of the hospital's vascular team brought ultrasound equipment to the zoo on Friday and put an IV catheter into Fiona. It lasted just 30 minutes before her vein ruptured, but the team were able to secure a line into one of her deep leg veins. Keepers have been monitoring the IV round the clock since then. "Five bags of fluid later, Fiona is showing signs of recovery," Ms Gorsuch said.

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